SCSU Elections 2012: Platforms & Promises

February 13, 2012

SCSU Elections

As many of you may have noticed from all the posters and campaigning happening over the last month, we’re in the midst of SCSU elections for next year. Alongside all the SCSU-planned debates, The Underground also held its first annual SCSU Candidates’ Debate. The forum provided students a chance to get a better idea of the candidates’ platforms and how they plan to follow through on all the promises currently being made.

The debate was carried out in parts, one for each position being contested: VP Students and Equity, VP Academics and VP External. Each position had its fair share of issues to tackle. Lack of food options and club space were predominant in the concerns brought up for the Students and Equity positions. Space featured heavily in the Academics portfolio, this time in terms of the dysfunctional layout of the library and overcrowding of study spaces during midterms. Finally, the External portfolio was focused on addressing community outreach and transportation or rather, the current lack thereof.

Each group of candidates was asked two questions by the moderators, The Underground‘s News Editor, Ranziba Nehrin, and Editor-in-Chief Aly Kassam. The floor was then opened to questions, for both the candidates of the position and this year’s sole presidential candidate Abdalla Al-Balaawy. Each part would then be wrapped up with a summary of the candidates’ portfolios.

For anyone interested in getting a full idea of each candidates platform for next year here’s Part 1 of the VP Academics debate. You’re welcome to check out the rest of the videos here.

Voting is taking place on Tuesday, February 14th and Wednesday, February 15th between 10am and 6pm. Make sure you bring your T-card!