Tasty Tours: A sweet and chocolaty stroll in Toronto

February 25, 2012

Tasty Tours is a walking tour dedicated to sweets and chocolate. During the tour, participants take a lovely stroll along Kensington market where they discover hidden boutiques and confectionaries in Toronto. The tour provides background knowledge and the history of delicious treats adored by everyone with a sweet tooth. Throughout the walk, you will visit five different stores across Kensington where you can nibble and munch on a variety of free samples while listening to the stories of how these treats originated.

These stores and boutiques all offer treats that are unique and different from each other. Many of these treats originate from different cultures, others from well-known brands, and then there are those that have yet to be discovered by a huge business market. Even in the cold, the Tasty Tour is an enjoyable experience – you won’t be exposed to the outdoors for too long, as all visited stores are within walking distance of one another. The short walk also boasts the added bonus of some sightseeing, with the CN Tower visible from a distance.

Treats provided include chocolate (of course), hot beverages (perfect for the cold weather), tarts, cupcakes and many more, most of which are kept secret. Why ruin the sweet surprise? You’re guaranteed to be exposed to treats you haven’t heard of, or better, ones you thought no longer exist! One of Tasty Tours’ most recent themed events was The Sweets & Chocolate Valentine’s Day Tour. The tour provided information on the history of Valentine’s Day and the history of the treats that are traditionally consumed during the annual celebration.

Angelo Hernandez, 19, attended Tasty Tours and shared his experience, “My favourite part was going around and seeing different places I’ve never seen or heard about before. It highlighted a different side to Kensington, exposing me to places that I’d enjoy but wouldn’t have noticed. There [was wide] selection, even in the specialty shops.”

Audrey, the tour guide, is a sweet (pun intended, although quite true) and friendly young lady. She’s extremely organized, even sending attendants’ emails with weather notices for the day of the tour, what to bring, how to dress and other simple reminders. At request, Audrey will provide information before the tour on the type of goodies you’ll eat in case you have allergies or diet restrictions and special arrangements may be made. She’s a fun and interactive tour guide, complete with visual aids to enhance her presentation. In particular, attending the event with a group of friends or family will ensure a good time, thanks to Audrey’s laidback attitude.

Inspired by a chocolate tour in Philadelphia that she once attended, Audrey started Tasty Tours in Toronto so that she could experience the chocolate dream all over again, as well as share it with the rest of Toronto. Although not yet official, Audrey hopes to expand the tour to Queen Street.

“Toronto is a cultured city… and it is nice to explore ethnicity and that side of the world in your part of the city,” Angelo says. Tasty Tours offers more than just chocolate and sweets, but also a chance to explore Toronto for everything it has, and a chance to try different things, even from different cultures. If you have a sweet tooth for delicious goodies and enjoy exploring new places, this tour is the one for you!

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