The perfect guy: What women look for when man-hunting

April 3, 2012
What women want

(photo via KangHee Grändås-Rhee)

Perfection doesn’t necessarily equate with flawlessness. Each woman has a different definition of what makes a man perfect for her. This can be someone who completes her or someone who has all the dream qualities she’s ever imagined. And this isn’t exclusive to women; believe it or not, men also often have idealized features in mind.

We don’t often realize it, but we do frequently subconsciously hunt for these qualities. So while it may seem too idealistic (or unrealistic) if taken too far, there are certain qualities women look for when choosing a man.

“He’s got to be smart,” says first year architecture student Garine Yaacoubian. “When I say smart, I don’t mean book-smart, I mean common sense.” Garine also wants to be understood by her significant other: “If he understands me, then that’s all that matters.”

“I think the perfect person is defined by their imperfections; being imperfect makes you perfect,” says Alessia Baudanza-Di Tacchio. The second year psychology major admits it’s impossible to find a man who has no flaws, but she appreciates complete honesty. Baudanza-Di Tacchio shares that in her experience, “Guys lie a lot. They like to fabricate things and make themselves seem like they’re something they’re not. I just want someone who’s real. Whether [it’s] going to hurt me or not, I’d rather hear the truth.”

Baudanza-Di Tacchio says she prefers men who live in the present as opposed to those who think about their future early on in the relationship. “I look for guys who take it day-by-day, not year-by-year; it freaks a girl out sometimes.”

Often, it’s wise to form a friendship with a potential mate before moving into a relationship with them. The friendship will give you time to get to know a person and determine if they are truly compatible. Other times, your perception of perfection and the qualities you prefer on paper may begin to change and be shaped by getting to know someone before becoming romantically entangled. You may be someone who’s always preferred blonds, but the next thing you know, you’re falling for a brunette with a great sense of humour.

It may be a cliché, but beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. What makes a perfect man for one woman won’t necessarily match up for another. Beauty itself is comprised of more than just physicality, but also personality and key character traits. Anything from a sense of humour to loyalty to courage can be appealing and sexually attractive features on a man or a woman.

But whatever cocktail of these random features a person will find desirable is tough to say when simply imagining one’s ideal partner. Envisioning a man with a large build, Ryan Gosling’s hair and piercing blue eyes with a penchant for honesty may sound appealing at the time, but often, we fall in love with traits we wouldn’t have imagined we could. And it’s always a mix. Sometimes we find the exact person we dreamed of and they don’t live up to what we expected.

Perfection can’t be bottled. Finding your own personal dose of it may be easy for some and difficult for others, but ultimately it isn’t something you can plan for. So the next time you go man-hunting, bring an open mind.