Weekly Top 10: News

September 24, 2012

Welcome to the Weekly Top 10! Where the top stories around the world are collected and put right here:

  1. Pakistani Governmental Minister places $100,000 reward for the killing of the American creator of the anti-Islam film.
    BBC News
  2. China cancels annual diplomatic event with Japan in response to the crisis over Island ownership.
    BBC News
  3. Stephen Harper to launch U.K.-Canadian international diplomatic missions.
    CBC News
  4. New poll shows Obama with slight lead in swing states.
    CNN News
  5. Worldwide Excitement for the Apple IPhone 5 release.
    The New York Times
  6. Iran could launch pre-emptive strike on Israel as tensions between the two intensify.
    The Globe and Mail
  7. Islam Film protests come to Toronto.
    The Toronto Star
  8. Avalanche in Nepal kills six Canadians from Quebec.
    The National Post
  9. Canadian Politicans mourn the death of former Alberta premier Peter Lougheed.
    The National Post
  10. Harper government spent $750, 000 in order to fight war veteran’s pension claim.
    The Montreal Gazette