Fall 2012 – Must Haves For This Season

October 18, 2012

(Photo via: Larcoco ::C'est la vie!::)

Fall is hands down my favorite season of the year. One of the reasons why is because of the fashion trends and styles that come out around this time. I love seeing the other girls layer their clothes and look awesome even when it’s a little chilly out. There are a few essentials and trends every girl must have this fall, to  be able to get through this season not only being warm, but also turning heads along the way.


The first thing everyone needs to have this fall, guy or girl,is scarves, and lots of ‘em! Okay, maybe not a lot, but at least two or three different colors. I am personally a huge fan of scarves. They are chic, and are pretty much a trend for fall every year. They are an extremely better alternative than wearing turtlenecks. Does anyone even wear turtlenecks anymore? A new kind of scarf that is a current obsession are the infinity scarves. They are easy to wear and don’t really get out of place. You can get really cute ones for as little as $20 at H&M, Urban Outfitters, Urban Planet, Forever21 and almost any other fashion forward clothing store.


I’m sorry ladies, but it’s time for the flats to go. There’s going to be wind, rain and then some. You will need to cover up every part of your feet. Boots are essential for the fall season. Boots that are very in demand this season are ankle boots, knee-high boots, combat boots and of course, Uggs. The knee-high boots may be a little extreme for some, but if you think you can rock it, then it is definitely a great choice! My personal favorite is the combat boots, they are just so comfortable and give you a rocker when you’re wearing them. Studs, patterns and prints, and buckles on boots are also an added fashion statement, and very trendy.


Tights are now a fashion staple. They are a great alternative to just wearing jeans and go with almost everything. Usually though, people prefer to wear them with longer/over sized sweaters or cardigans so that it doesn’t look “distasteful”. In addition, of course, they go great with boots. If it gets too cold, you can always wear more than one layer of tights. They can also be worn under jeans to keep you extra warm! Patterned and colored tights seem to be very popular this fall.


Fall is afterall, sweater weather. Sweaters and cardigans are probably the most basic and needed clothing for fall. Everyone needs to have at least one cardigan, sweater, and hoodie. They are all so warm and comfortable, and the great thing about all three is that you can wear them on top of something else and then take it off once you’re inside. A new and cute trend this season is wearing statement collars. You can wear this accessory separately, like a necklace, or put it under a sweater to add sophistication.


Although we ladies have our hair to keep our heads warm, a little help never hurts! That’s where hats come in. It doesn’t really matter what kind of hat you wear in fall but the ones that are super chic are beanies, berets, and ivy caps. Hats are like the cherry on top, and finish off any outfit!