Weekly Top 10: News

October 22, 2012

Another week, and another batch of pressing news stories around the world. Collected and dissected here for your viewing pleasure at the Weekly Top 10:

  1. 1. Felix Baumgartner jumped from the edge of space.
  2. 2. Dalton McGuinty resigns and prorogues the Ontario legislature.
    CBC News
  3. 3. President Obama debates Governor Romney in town-hall style debate.
    National Post
  4. 4. October 17th New York Bomb Plot.
    The Guardian
  5. 5. Kathleen Whynne to run in Ontario Liberal Leadership Race.
  6. 6. Armstrong dropped by major sponsors in response to doping.
  7. 7. McGill University clears professor of research misconduct.
    The Montreal Gazette
  8. 8. Riots in Athens re-emerge as the city’s general strike continues.
    The New York Post
  9. 9. Amanda Todd and other bully victims remembered in Canadian schools on Friday October 19th.
    Yahoo News
  10. 10. Public funeral to be held for anti-Syrian intelligence chief.
    CBC News