Dorm Room Decorating Guided by Your Senses

November 6, 2012

The way a person’s room looks reflects their personality, and even more, how they want to be perceived by their peers and guests. We hangout, sleep, eat and do about a billion other things in our rooms, which is why we want it to look aesthetically pleasing, and truly reflect our personal preference. But how exactly can we go about doing that?  The answer is as easy as four little, yet obvious, words: humans have five senses.  The reason this phrase is so important to remember is because so many students only worry about the visual aspects of their dorm. While important, when there is so much more than to concern yourself with.  After all, beauty is only skin…well, wall deep.

The first thing to consider when trying to spice up your dorm room is to figure out what type of room you want to construct, is this a place for studying and tranquility or more often a pad for friends and music? Essentially, you must pick a theme to steer you in a direction. The “sight” sense will guide you towards choosing furniture, bedding, lightning, etc. that best reflect your ideal room. Places like Ikea are perfect for student dorms because the merchandise ranges in style, but is very affordable! As well, nothing says drab like bare walls.  Block that eggshell white with maybe a poster, or two. Even hanging some Christmas lights up to get that cool glow in the darkness feeling that makes your room stand out from other ones. With a small budget, you can get a lot to create a significant change in your dorm.

Whatever theme you choose can coincide with a play list. No matter what it is, the sounds that will be heard from your four walls can make or break the image you wish to maintain.  Nothing says a revamped dorm room like a sweet set list of music to help enhance the feeling or theme that you are looking for, be it meditation, or recreation.

We may live in residence housing, but that’s no reason why we our room has to smell like a residence house; scent is one of the first senses you will notice when walking into a room, which makes it mighty important when trying to create your dorm room living space.  Air fresheners, sprays, and generally keeping the place clean are typically good ways to make your room a place of enjoyment for yours, and your friend’s nostrils.

Touch may seem a little like stretching the idea of a revamped room based on senses, but explaining from experience, it’s not.  When you’re at your mate’s house having a chat, your hands are going to want to start fiddling, drumming, going on your phone or any of those other annoying habits.  Well, why not fill those hands with some neat toys like metronomes, stress balls or other knick-knacks to lie on your desk.

Now for the easiest sense of all to please: taste!  People like to eat, so let’s let them eat.  It’s not a really hard concept to grasp- have something there to munch on, even if it’s a dish of candy. And most importantly, remember that it isn’t where you spend your time that counts; it’s who you spend it with.