It was the summer of 2010. The days were hot and study spaces were sparse. Endless weeks spent on campus seemed to become only more bottomless as sweat dripped down our backs and condensation drenched the windows. Classrooms reeked of body odour, professors droned, and essentially, school spirit waned (seemingly more than ever). And so, an idea transpired – to do something new and creative to rid us of our boredom.

Soon, it came to be that a love of all things aesthetically pleasing, intellectually stimulating and sardonically witty birthed The Messenger. In only its infancy, the publication has covered everything from harping on Harper to the lack of food options on campus to the art of donning the condom.

What started as the lovechild of three inquiring and arrogant minds quickly evolved into a living, breathing beautiful machine of its own, with personality and wit. More importantly, The Messenger has grown into a forum for countless talented writers, photographers and readers to come together, share information and work collectively.

Their work, your work and our work will forever be available in this space; an unlimited, creative hub that continues to grow. What could be better? We couldn’t be more proud.


Iman, Sadaf, Hindurika
Friends, Founders