DaveDavid Hou

David is currently pursuing his double major in English and Human Biology at UTSC. He has been at this for a long time, and is getting rather tired of the long lonely hours studying. Thus, he welcomes any chance he gets to interact with other human beings. If you see him wandering around campus looking lost in thought, or just lost, feel free to say hi!

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ManjotManjot Bining

Manjot can usually be found in some corner of campus, obsessively checking emails or frantically trying to catch up on psych lectures. When not glued to her computer she can be found at a club booth or spazzing about Sherlock (both, if you’re lucky).

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AlexandraAlexandra Gater
Photo Editor

Alexandra is currently studying Journalism at UTSC. She fell in love with photography during high school five years ago and has not stopped taking photos since. She loves capturing moments of unexpected beauty and travelling to exotic places.

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ChrisChris Greenaway
News Editor

Chris is a fourth year student at UTSC who is working towards completing a double major BA in Political Science and Philosophy. Ever the polemist, his often argumentative writing style welcomes debate, although he is far more interested in how, not what, one thinks. It’s rare to catch him on campus without his daily National Post, and he is actually easy to talk to (about politics), despite all that previous argumentative stuff.

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JamaalJamaal Azeez
Entertainment Editor

Jamaal is a second year student at UTSC studying English and Media. He is often described as a socially awkward little boy lost in his own world. But if your world was full of the wonders of comics, movies, video games, music, television, wrestling and all things Disney, would you really mind being lost?

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NicoletteNicolette Mendoza
Love & Sex Editor

A third year student in the journalism program, Nicolette is an eager girl growing up in a fast-paced world. As long as she carries a novel, her notebook, a pen and a little bit of change to give into her Starbucks addiction she knows she will lead a marvelous day.

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Sherri T
Life & Culture Editor

When not attempting to run over Princess Peaches in a vicious game of Mario Kart, Sherri will probably be found on the 401, speeding somewhere or another. Self-admitted Queen of Indecisiveness. Even though her mantra is sleep is for when you’re old, she still manages to relax with a drink in hand and a good laugh with friends.

ZainabZainab Najarali
Campus Life Editor

Zainab is a second year Neuroscience student. She loves to travel and is always on the go – when she isn’t, you can find her relaxing and immersing herself in a good book.

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CoreyCorey Savard
Behind the Bleachers

Hailing from Belle River, Corey Savard is your average journalism student, but more importantly, your everyday sports fan with a requisite passion for beer that some might call alcoholism (although, he likes to call it a little bit of university-style “experimentation”…). From hockey to baseball to football to cheerleaders, he knows his shit and openly welcomes accosting students with absurd and unusual sports queries and propositions of all kinds. Let’s just say, if balls are involved, he’s got them. (Pun always intended.) Snark included.

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KarlaKarla Watson
The Frugal Fashionista

Karla is a full-time English student and a part-time fashion junkie. She wishes Anna Wintour was her BFF and routinely engages in debates about the merits of stringed cheese. She enjoys a cool beer on a hot day, hunting for vintage treasures Indiana Jones style, and creating somewhat edible baked goods. If she’s not found contemplating the meaning of her existence, you can find her vegging out in front of her TV with reality show re-runs. She has many leather bound books and her apartment smells of rich mahogany; she also may or may not make dated Anchorman references on occasion.

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Ask Raj Columnist

Raj is not your typical frat guy. He will give up his kidney (and possibly yours) for a beer, pizza or girls, but he also loves a good book, the odd French film and drive-in classics. He considers himself an exceptional multi-tasker in any field (although he knows there are some things that require both hands). With an abundance of useless knowledge, he is an aspiring conversationalist, capitalist and computer hacker.

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AlissaAlissa Heidman

Alissa is an 18-year-old journalism student at UTSC. From a small rural town an hour north of Toronto, she is a hard worker and loves to laugh.

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CharleneCharlene Williams

Charlene is a fourth year student at UTSC, specializing in the International Development Studies Co-op program. She enjoys travelling, working with youth, long walks on the beach… and beating people up in wrestling matches! But don’t worry, she’s super friendly and approachable!

ChristopherChristopher Kotlarovski

Christopher, a second year student in Management, would describe himself as a quiet extrovert. He is a movie buff, who named his first pet after a Zamboni. Christopher only likes almonds when they are roasted, believes that Kraft Dinner is NEVER overrated and that being called “weird” is a compliment. His favourite quote: “Life is too short to be normal.”

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EstherEsther Lee

Esther is currently across the pond in England studying as an affiliate student at University College London. If you’re expecting firsthand updates on the royal family, don’t hold your breath. However, anything Radiohead related (including candid photos of Thom Yorke) will be a priority. Her main vices in life are coffee, film, books and outrageously dirty rap. She’ll be returning to Toronto after she’s satisfied her nerdy literature fantasies.


GustanGustan Koumantaros

Gustan is a recent graduate of the University of Toronto Scarborough. A wordsmith by trade, he’s a Writer, doing what a Writer does.

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JasunJasun Singh
Writer & Photographer

Jasun is a second year journalism student at UTSC who enjoys reading, photography and voicing radical hippie liberal opinions. He enjoys quiet introspective moments and vicious killing, occasionally within a videogame.

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JoanJoan Chao

Joan is a fourth year Cell and Molecular Biology student here at UTSC. When she is not studying (which is unfortunately most often the case) she enjoys watching TV, sketching, reading beauty and fashion blogs, and taking photographs (of course).

KenyaKenya Bruce

Kenya is an international Journalism student from the small island of St. Maarten in her third year and minoring in Sociology. She has finally adjusted to the mood swings of Canada’s weather, but prefers being on the beach any time of the year. She has a strong passion for writing, photography and eating! She believes that food can cure any problem. If Kenya is not eating her life away, she is either watching bad TV, judging books by their poor grammar or slowly embarrassing herself as she always trips over her own feet!

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MayaMaya Mostaghim-Vaezi

Maya is a second year student at UTSC. She loves photography, reading, listening to music and being with friends. You can generally find her surrounded by people, and you will always find her with her phone. She also feels strange talking in third person and hopes to never have to do it again.


MehrinMehrin Hossain

Mehrin is a fourth year student studying Applied Microbiology at UTSC. She loves nature and wants to capture every moment she spends admiring it. This is what inspired her to take up photography as a hobby, which has now become a passion. So it’s no surprise that she can now be found wandering around with her camera trying to capture any and every interesting moment. Apart from photography, she also loves to cook. So, whenever she’s not busy observing bacteria under the microscope, she’s either taking pictures or trying out new recipes!


PatriciaPatricia D’Silva

Patricia is a second year Psychology student. Before school started, when she actually had free time, she greatly enjoyed reading, writing and butchering Mozart on her piano. She has the tendency to use weird and childish phrases, but will spare her readers the pain. One lesson she’s learned in university so far: Sleep is for the weak.


PrestonPreston Dozsa

Preston is a second year student in the journalism program at UTSC. He is originally from the far off land of Manitoba, and knows more about pop culture than you do. In addition to writing, Preston enjoys reading, watching movies, playing video games, hanging out with friends and looking for new ways to procrastinate.


ShankariShankari Mano

Shankari is a second year student at UTSC who doesn’t know exactly what her major is yet. She has been reading practically since she was born, and she vows to write and publish a successful novel before she turns 40. When she’s not slaving away at her enormous pile of homework (which is steadily growing, not shrinking), she enjoys sketching and watching science fiction movies.


SujanthiSujanthi Manivannan

Sujanthi is a tree hugging, tofu loving, wine drinking, book club nerd. If she isn’t protesting for animal rights or trying to build her own compost bin, she can be found curled up on a couch enthralled in a good book. She is currently doing a double major in English and Environmental Science – and is loving every minute of it!


TamarTamar Atik

Tamar is a third year student in UTSC’s Journalism program. In addition to writing for The Messenger, she also writes for The Underground and is a reporter on “York Region Living” for Rogers Television. Listening to and then telling someone’s story are what bring her the most joy as a journalist because she loves learning about new perspectives!

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RyanRyan Carter

Ryan is a fifth year student at UTSC, studying English & Classical Studies, as well as an aspiring writer & illustrator with hopes of publishing fiction in the future. He is also quite the reptile enthusiast, being the proud owner of a bearded dragon, a mali uromastyx, and a ball python. He loves many facets of popular culture such as books, comic books, films, and video games – with a particular passion for mythology.

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KarlKarl Nicolas

A second year student at UTSC working towards his BA in Philosophy and English. Karl finds social interaction tedious, preferring instead to spend his free time mining for gold. He can be found in deep sleep under inconspicuous rocks around campus.

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